Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Holi ..

Holi celebration will not find on earth. Color is Gualala. Enjoy the festivities. Of immersion, of trance, fun, dance, dancing, big-colored celebration. Fountains of laughter, joy, is a festival. This dance festival is nowhere on Earth.

Q: What is myth, Prahlad atheist king born here Hiranyakashyap, and then to prove Hiranyakasipu Prahlada his atheism is Dubota river, mountain Girwata, and lastly by his sister Holika Purnima is Jlwata . And surprise is that he survived all over the place, and sings the glories of the Lord. And since then the country celebrate Holi Holi lighting, color gulal enter rejoice. Please Explain to us the quintessence of the myth. 

History is not mythology. Epic mythology. Purana which is not the case he has ever had, but always happens. If any of the events marking is not in mythology, but points to certain truths. Mythology is eternal. It was once the home of the Gentile believer was born? Not so;Invariably gives rise to a belief in atheism. Invariably; And there is no way of being. If the cause can not be any kind of believer; Like all atheists are born. Then the flowers of theism to atheism seems. Atheism is the belief of the mother, the father. From atheism to theism arises womb.

Every father and son fights. Every son that rebellion against his father. 

Hiranyakashyap ever happen or not, I have no purpose. Things do not interest me in vain. Prahlada never had, nor were more Prahlad.But I know, which is a reference to the mythology, it happens every day, that moment, is within you, is within you. And man will ever anywhere, man, the myth of the truth will be repeated. Mythology is the essence; No events, history, human life is the underlying truth.

Yesterday already, but his grip is deep; Has disappeared, 
  the first thing- 
usually you understand that anti-atheist believer. she is wrong. How will poor anti atheist! Atheism to theism is not known. Atheism, theism is unfamiliar, there was a meeting. But can not atheism against theism, because theism has emerged from within the atheism. Germination of seeds is the same as atheism and theism.Just did not get your seeds to sprout. How can it be? How will the seeds to sprout? Then the seeds will not sprout because. The seeds do not sprout until then. So only when the seeds sprout and broken, and perish in the land will be lost. When will sprout. Until the seed can not sprout. The paradoxical thing to be understood.

Born sprout from seed, but seed, from the immersion of seeds lost, disappeared from seed. How can anti seeds sprout! The seed sprout safety. The shell of the seed, he is the right time for the seedlings to uphold the right season, the right to seek opportunity. But, do not know some of the seeds to sprout.Seedling can not be detected. And this ignorance can also save your seeds of conflict, fear should not be broken, should not be lost, should not be erased! Be afraid.She does not know that his death will come Mahajivn formula. She does not know, that are arising from the ashes of flowers. Do not know. So the seed is pardonable, do not be angry at him. Is Dayayogy. Tries to save seed. This is natural in ignorance.Hiranyakashyap father. Father is the Son. Son in the Father is hidden. Father's seed. Is a rod for his son. Hiranyakasipu not even know that my house would create a devotee. My house and the man!Could not imagine. I can not imagine what life-Jnmegi the deism. But Prahlad from Hiranyakashyap born.Hiranyakasipu began his efforts to save. Will was puzzled. Will scare.Prahlad was the small sprout, it was the fear of what? Then it was his own, it was fear! But lifelong beliefs, conceptions of life are at stake was.

So I say, mythology is not the fact, is true. If you get it to prove that the fire could not burn Prahlada, then you'll fall into the mistake, then you will be very much mistaken, your vision will be mislead. Do not hurt it that you eat and thrown off a cliff, then you'll fall into the mistake. No, it is deep, it is far too deep. It is not a matter of the injuries. 

Every father and son fights. Every son that rebellion against his father. And it is not a question of a father and son each day, the rebellion, the rebellion against the past. Is currently trying to escape from the past. Father past, the present is the Son. Yours is born today from yesterday. Yesterday already, but his grip is deep; Has disappeared, but the trap is on your neck. You want to release it: forget the past, to be forgotten.Grsata you past the catches.

The present uprising of the past.Comes from the past, present; But if it is not free from the past will be buried, will die. Every child is father to try to cross. You will be fighting every moment from his past-he is the father of the conflict.

Creed is the past, religion is present. So when a religious person would create conflict with the cult is certain. Bound to happen. The community Hiranyakashyap; Prahlad ie religion. Hiranyakashyap certainly powerful, distinguished. All the power is in his hands. Prahlad's power is? Newly planted seedling.Tender seedling. If all the power is in the past, the present, so just come, have received fresh. What is the force of the present? Past wins and loses, it is fun to present;Because the current is liveliness and past death.

Hiranyakasipu was the all-army were Fante, the mountains were.He wanted it. He wished to be tried, were still loses. Wins power, life wins. Reputation wins, truth wins. Sect old.

Jesus was born, the Jewish community was very old, Jesus be crucified. But could kill kill?Prahlada thrown from the mountain so that mythology is the legend, drowned in the river, did not drown, could not kill. Did not burn in the fire-lit. You do not understand it that someone so he'll burn you will burn in the fire.No, the big symbol. Killed Jesus, died. But could die? Biber did you kill?

So I say, mythology is not the fact, is true. If you get it to prove that the fire could not burn Prahlada, then you'll fall into the mistake, then you will be very much mistaken, your vision will be mislead. Do not hurt it that you eat and thrown off a cliff, then you'll fall into the mistake. No, it is deep, it is far too deep. It is not a matter of the injuries. Because we know, Jesus was crucified, Jesus died.Poisoned Socrates, Socrates died.Cut Mansour, Mansoor died. But the impression was dead or really dead? Jesus is still alive-slayer died. Socrates Pilanewalon no idea of ​​poison is still alive.Socrates, who said he was poisoned to death-that careful that you will not kill me; And if any of your names will be remembered only with me, that gave me poison, even if you Jiyoge with my name.Today, of course, if Socrates Marnewalon no name, it is only just that he killed Socrates.

Just think! Name of Hiranyakasipu, Prahlad without?Because of Prahlad. How many Hiranyakashyap otherwise are not live! Today we know who Jesus was crucified was commanded.Remember the name of the viceroy. There are thousands of viceroy in the world, lost all the names, but remember the name of the pilot; Just remember that only had his name; Jesus was being crucified, Jesus became immortal with.

We did not kill Jesus dead-this is the meaning. Erasing life you can not erase. You also can not hide the truth by hiding, can not press down. Emerge, thousands of forms that emerge; Thousands times and emerge stronger. But there is always this illusion whose strength is at hand. If the past is in the hands of power. Is in the hands of society, is in the hands of the community, is in the hands of the state. When a religious person is born a little tender sprout is; Will feel just a little push, will be erased, but in the end he wins. The delicate bud injury Mahasamrajy fall. What is the strength of the weak? Ram weak force! A power, which is not a person, is divine.That means devotee. Devotee means: who said, 'I am not, you are!' The man said, "So now you will burn charred; Thou shalt die;Then you will lose the losers; Then you will win won. We are away from this. "

This is the meaning of the man that has become like a hollow bamboo devotee; God says, "Take the song singing, sing or not to sing-songs are yours! I'm just hollow bamboo. You will sing will be known as the flute; If you do not sing, I will remain hollow bamboo. Songs are yours, not mine anything. Yes, the song had no barrier, security breach, then understand my mistake somewhere Irci-PEEK-bamboo is hollow; He did not bring out exactly what was found; Which was not able to express it. If you have forgotten to take my understanding. But something else, is all yours. "

This is the meaning of man.

Would create a believer in atheism. You're all atheists.Hiranyakashyap not out, nor is out Prahlad. Hiranyakasipu and Prahlad two are not, two events occurring within each individual.Hiranyakashyap doubt in your mind-is-long within you until you wake up in the mountains Giraoge faith sprouts, stones Dbaoge, Dubaoge in water, fire, burn-in, but you will not burn. In an attempt to burn them in your hand will get burned.

From My Master'S MOUTH ...